BE A BOOK HERO Project Details

Kiwanis Literacy Club Board:

Jean Chadwick – Charter President

Douglas Chadwick – Charter Vice President

September Forsyth – Charter Secretary

Jonathan Lee – Charter Treasurer

Charter Board Members:

Velma McNairy

Christopher Pollard

Jim Farquhar

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Sharing Our Mission 

Whether we are at the Cal-Nev-Ha mid-south convention or visiting some of our local Kiwanis Clubs, the team is always ready to share our mission of getting books to kids and our excitement about our Be A Book Hero™.

Check out some of the team at the Cal- Nev-Ha mid-south convention on 2/24/18.  We had a blast sharing our mission and giving away books!


In April we were guest speakers at Kiwanis of Glendale.  Our president shared her story that is the foundation for why we do what we do and got to talk about our Be A Book Hero™ project.

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What Being A Book Hero Means To Us?

Our board members share some of their thoughts on what it means to be a book hero "I believe that being a book hero is about creating opportunities to get books into the hand of a children and inspire them to read. There is no greater power than the power of books. Reading truly is the most incredible super power a child can have. If you work every day to find ways (big or small) to get more books to kids that is the definition of what it is to Be A Book Hero.” - Jean Chadwick “I am proud to be part of an organization that can stimulate young minds and provides books for free especially in “book deserts”, under serviced areas where access to books is limited. I believe in reading, period. What it can do for anyone, especially a child, is almost immeasurable. Reading can take a someone to faraway places and expand their minds all while improving vocabulary, memory, analytical skills, focus, concentration and more. All this out of a book that can be read and re read again and again. “ - Jim Farquhar "Where does it leave a 21st century kid when a Netflix subscription for the whole family is cheaper than a single book? I can't imagine my life having never delved into literacy, nor never read for fun. I can't imagine myself without the same copy of The Giver that I've had for twenty-some years, or my whole worn collection of Harry Potter. Being a book hero is all about making not-owning a book not an option, and about putting waiting stories in the hands of another kid who'll get lost in them--and discover hope, or something new." - Gabrielle Lee "I’m a book hero because I am compelled to contribute to a better future for our children and their children for generations to come. I know how incredibly lucky I was growing up with my head in a book; conquering the seven seas, solving mysteries, slaying dragons - not sitting in front of a computer. We only better our lives overall through imagination. And, I believe that through reading we are forever embedded into worlds beyond what we could physically ever experience. With this comes incredible freedom, the ability to accept the differences in others, a sense of groundedness and an assuredness that we are never alone. Imagination furthers imagination, and it is limitless. It is these attributes - in my opinion - that make more of a contribution to the betterment of our world than any other single act. Read." - September Forsyth "Being a book hero is something I firmly believe in. Reading opens one's world and teaches us how to communicate and share. There are many children out there who don't have the opportunity to read, and that is something that we can all make a difference on." - Jonathan Lee

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